Monday, August 9, 2010

Lesson 76- Doggy Pampering

Montana has had some beauty treatments this week. Tuesday Husband dropped her off at the vet to have her teeth cleaned. Good thing too, cause her mouth smelled like someone died in it. I know, I know. Your dog has really bad breath too. But you don’t understand. She would get up in my grill and open her mouth and I would literally get nauseous. It was that bad. Husband says her teeth look a lot better but hasn’t mentioned the stench. And I’m too scared to find out for myself.

Then over the weekend we dropped her off at the Doggy Spa (commonly referred to as the groomer, but I like to pretend we really pamper our dogs above and beyond). She was starting to resemble a woolly mammoth, combined with the crazy hot summer I had a feeling she wasn’t too comfortable. Or I used this possibility as an excuse to get rid of her ridiculous paint spot she acquired while helping us paint the bathroom.

Nonetheless, she had a couple of days of beauty treatments and is now just as beautiful as ever.

Now, if only I could convince her Daddy that she should be decked out in all things girly and sparkly…

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  1. I have a springer spaniel too! Great dogs!

  2. Did you link up to Tuesdays Show and Tail? I didn't see the link and picture here, but glad you joined. Your link took me to some cupcake things, and I found this one in an earlier post!

  3. I came over from Angela's Tuesdays Show and Tail, too, and ended up on the Smores Cupcake post. Sounds like a great recipe, but I think you probably meant to link this post to it as it is about your dog. She probably IS a lot cooler now! :)

  4. I came over too from Shoe and Tail, but ended up priting out the recipe. I love S'mores and will have to try the cupcakes!

    We recently had our dog's teeth cleaned too and it makes a world of difference. I wish we had done it sooner! Go ahead and find out for yourself. :) You'll be pleasantly surprised.


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