Monday, July 26, 2010

Lesson 66- Our Little Helper

This is Montana. She's a Springer Spaniel. Her talents include flooding our kitchen immediately after consuming water, jumping on any human with overwhelming affection, and licking all she comes in contact with to a near death.

A few weeks ago we discovered a new talent. As I've briefly mentioned before Husband and I have been updating our master bathroom. We were doing some touch-up painting one weekend afternoon. Thinking that it would just be a quick process we didn't take any of the usual precautions such as blocking the dogs access to the bathroom. But we were keeping an eye on the Little Guy and I also noticed Montana in one of her usual spots--on our bed. Clearly we didn't have anything to worry about and proceeded with our painting.

Maybe 30 minutes later after we had cleaned up our supplies, Montana was walking by Husband and he noticed that she had acquired a spot on her pretty fur.

She had apparently sneaked in to the bathroom to help with our painting. Neither of us had noticed her helping paw or any evidence in the bathroom of her painting endeavors. But now she will have that new spot until her next visit to the groomer.

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