Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stars and Stripes, and Checks and Polka Dots Too!

Here is the first Fourth of July tablescape I've ever done.

I started with a tablecloth I got years ago when I was still in college...from Target I think.  
The place mats are from HomeGoods ($6.99 for all four). 

The white plates are Husbands from his bachelor days, so I have no info on them.

The red plates I got a Target in February for Valentine's ($1.79/each).
The star plates are from Michael's ($1.00/each).

The napkins are from World Market ($2.99/each).  A little more than I normally pay for napkins (cause I'm a cheapo, but I'm also a sucker for anchors).

The glasses are from Hobby Lobby (don't remember how much they were, but we bought 'em when they were 50% off).  The ribbon is from Hobby Lobby too.  The coasters are also Husband's so I don't know anything about their history either.

The pails are from the Dollar Spot at Target, with stars and pinwheels from Hobby Lobby (only $1/each).  The candle is from HomeGoods ($7.99).  The mini-cake plate I made with things found at GoodWill

With lots of layers and patterns, I'm loving the way this turned out.

 The white place mat is from Bed Bath & Beyond that I got at an end of season sale when I was working there.  With my employee discount I think I only paid about a $1 for each one.

Now to plan a yummy Independence Day meal to complete the celebration...

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little Bit of Decluttering

...And some organization too!

This past weekend I started a little project.  I took my magazines (mostly Real Simple and Southern Living), went through every one of them and tore out what I wanted to keep.

Recipes, check-lists, helpful hints, entertaining ideas, pictures of inspiration for my dream home, etc.  Then every magazine found its way in to the recycle bin.  I wanted to take a picture of the massive stack of magazines I was recycling, but Husband got rid of the evidence too quickly.  Dang it!

Anyways, Sunday I went to Target (cause Staples closes too early for my liking) to buy Post-it tabs to make dividing tabs.  I already had a binder and page protectors at home.

My magazine pages were organized in to seven categories:

*  Around the House (including how-to's on composting, setting up a home office, etc)
*  Cleaning (including tips, and check-lists)
*  Entertaining Ideas (including tablescape inspiration, recipes, shopping lists)
*  Helpful Hints (wardrobe hints are all I have right now)
*  Wishlists (products I want to try, shoes I want, etc)
*  Inspiration (pictures of home spaces I'd like to incorporate in my dream home)
*  Christmas (tablescape ideas, recipes, etc)
*  Recipes (generic recipes not specific to party themes or Christmas)

The first five categories now live in a 2-inch binder.  I still need to make cover for the binder and find a permanent home for it, but I'm very pleased with it.  Even though it's still currently living on the coffee table, it's taking up way less space than all those magazines!  The last two categories have different homes.  I already have a binder for recipes (no need to keep them in two different places) and a binder for all things Christmas.

Oh, and the added bonus of going through all the Real Simple magazines again?  I found two 20% coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond.  Sure they're from 2009, but the beauty of BB&B is they take all coupons.  Expired or not.

So that's my little decluttering/organizing project for a Monday evening.

Oh yeah, if you have a title suggestion for my new binder, please oh pretty please, leave it in the comment section.  I'm stumped on what to call it!  Thanks friends!

And Happy Wednesday!!!  xoxo

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I heard this on the radio last week on the way to work and it literally had me laughing out loud.  Which isn't a bad way to start a work day.  Later that night I shared it with my Husband...who was also highly amused.  My cousin shared with me that her religion professor played it during class.  Anyways, the consensus seems to be it's a hit.  And I'm here to share the hilarity with you.

Hope you laughed too!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swiss Muesli

I love this stuff.  It may be because my family comes from Switzerland.  Or, because it's pretty good.  And filling.  And fairly healthy (unless you're doing a no/low carb diet).  Or, a combination of those.

*  4 cups rolled oats
*  2 cups milk
*  2 tbsp. honey
*  3 apples, peeled and shredded
*  2 cups low-fat yogurt (any flavor, but I prefer vanilla)

You can also add raisins, halved grapes, or nuts.  They aren't my favorite, so I didn't.

1.  Mix together oats, milk, and honey.  Let soak overnight.

2.  Add apples and yogurt (and any other add-ins you may like) the next morning.

3.  Enjoy your yummy breakfast!

P.S.  This recipe should make about 8 servings

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Monday, June 27, 2011

A (Bargain) Shopping Spree

And this could also kinda be considered a weekend recap including the possibility that I shop too much and have a super indulging Husband!

It all started Friday afternoon, I was waiting for Husband to
finish work.  I didn't want to go home, so I went to Marshall's first.  And that's where I found these two beauties.


They were in the clearance aisle.  Mercury glass ball was $3.50.  I was so excited to find it cause I've been longing for a mercury glass piece for a while now.  The lotus candle holder was only $3 and I think she's pretty as well!

Later that evening, after I'd picked up Husband, we stopped at Target.  I don't exactly remember why...but I needed to go.  That's when I found these cute acrylic napkin rings for $2.98 and these plates.  The large platter was $4.98, the medium, $1.98 and the small one was $1.48.  And I have a special plan for those plates, that I'll be sharin' soon!

 I added the napkin rings to the tablescape I did last weekend.

Sunday we were roaming around town/waiting for "Cars 2" to start.  We had some time to spare which seemed like the perfect time to roam Marshall's again.  And since my Husband is most awesome, he agreed.  I found these cute napkin rings for $2.50 and these Paris plates for $6.99.  I'm totally in love with the plates.  I've been looking for something like these for a while now!  If only they were a little bigger...
Oh well...still love em!  Oh, and if you can't tell, the napkin rings have seashells on them.  Perfect for another summer tablescape!

After the movie (which I highly reccommend, BTW), I needed to go to Staples for some stuff (for another project I'm working on).  We got there 5 minutes after the store closed.  Dang it!  But it gave me another reason to go to Target.  Hmm...maybe I spend too much time there?  Nah...
So back to Target we went.  And I got everything I needed...along with these...

They are from the Calypso Collection and were only $5.58 a piece.  Pretty...
Then I found these for only $0.98 a piece!  Can you believe it!!!  They had pink ones too, but I opted not to buy them.  But...with Target being so close that could change. ;-)

And I loved the plates so much that I bought on Saturday I decided to buy a few more.  Each of these were $1.48.

So that was my bargain shopping spree.  I think I did fairly well and got some pretty things.  Have you scored any awesome deals lately?

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Anchors Away

I haven't done a tablescape in a while (...since Easter), but this last weekend I put together one...which I love!  Anchors always get me.  Love 'em.

Anchor Plates: $1.49 (Target)

White plates: unknown...from Husband's bachelor days

Cups: unknown...from Husband's bachelor days
Place mats: $1.99 (HomeGoods)

Orange napkins: found thrifting...don't remember price

Tablecloth: $12.99 (HomeGoods)
Green Runner: $5.00 (IKEA)

Green and Pink votives: $1.00/each (Target)

Blue bottle: $5.99 (HomeGoods)
White sand: left over from the wedding (Hobby Lobby)
Paper with handwriting: from scrapbook supplies

Crab S & P shakers: $3.99 (Target)

And a sea gull's eye view...

Hope you enjoyed!  Have you been doing any summer decorating?  Anyone else out there have a love for anchors like me?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living Room Updates

Do you remember here, I listed everything that I hoped to accomplish on the house this year.  It may seem as though we haven't done anything...since I have posted anything.  Which would be a normal conclusion.  There was no evidence of productivity.  But I am here today to show you that we actually have been somewhat productive.

Here are the most lovely blinds that came with the house.  Don't you just love them?  Blech!!  Ick!!! and Disgusting!!!

We took them down and chucked them in the garbage.  Good riddance.  Then my handsome Husband hung these curtains and curtain rod we got at IKEA.  At some point (when we decide on a paint color, most likely) I'd like to spray paint the curtain rod with an oiled-bronze color.

 We also saved up our money to buy two of these chairs at IKEA to replace the love seat that once lived in the same spot.  The love seat we gave to Husband's parents.  It worked out great since they host their small group from church every week which has been growing lately.  They added extra seating and we added seating that was a little more our style.

I think it makes such a cute little reading nook.  And those books--so cheap.  Our local Borders was closing so we stocked up on some awesome coffee table books.  I love looking at the pictures and imagining myself in far off lands.  Ahh...

Anyways...those are the updates we've made so far to the living room.  And now there is actually proof that we have been somewhat productive.  Yeah us!!!
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