Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lesson 89- A Clue

A couple of months ago, Husband wanted to get a subscription to a couple of magazines.  These were his choices:


He asked if I would want a subscription to something so I gave him a few suggestions.  Yesterday I received my first issue.  I was oh so very excited.  But then reading it, I got the feeling that perhaps it wasn't directed to my age group.

You know you're reading the wrong magazine when the skin care tips start with an age that you are still 20 years away from.

Oh well!  I still loved reading my Southern Living magazine!

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  1. haha... well on the bright side, you might be less likely to spend money on what is advertised :-) I'm glad you like your magazine

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  4. Hopping because I can't sleep...always enjoy my stop here

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  7. LOL. That is so funny. I haven't thought about that. =0) Glad you like the magazine. Hopefully it has some tips you can use. =0)

    I am a new follower from Talkative Thursday Blog Hop! =0)

  8. Hi! :)
    I saw your blog on another persons blog hop!! I love your blog -- I am also a newlywed and blog about Life as a Wife! It is sooo much fun! I can't wait to read more now taht I am a follower. Stop by and link up today -- it's FABULOUS FRIDAY!


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