Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lesson 78- I'm Waiting...

Sunday, Husband and I ventured up to the mall to have my ring inspected to keep up the warranty and then wandered around for a while.  I love dragging him through Forever 21.  Last summer I couldn't buy enough from that store.  This year I pick something up, take it for a walk around the store and by the time we make it to the register, I've decided I don't want it anymore.  Husband says it's cause I'm getting older.  To which I say, "How rude!" (Thank you Stephanie Tanner!)

I, however, attribute it to me trying to be more responsible and not buy so many things that I just want and don't necessarily need.

Anyways, back to the point of this story: we had lunch at Panda Express.  We finished our yummy lunches and got to the best part--fortune cookies!  Husband opened his first, chuckled and then asked what mine said.  I read it aloud and asked what his was.  It was the best freakin' fortune I've ever seen.

Buy someone a thoughtful gift of love.

But I'm still waiting for my thoughtful gift of love.  I'll let you know when it turns up.  Have you ever seen such a terrific fortune from a cookie?!  What did mine say, you ask?  Couldn't tell you! ;-)

Okay, so I realize that I may sound really bratty.  But I'm not!  Promise!  Just ask husband--he'll tell you...hopefully!  In actuality I know he loves me loads and that's enough of a gift.  But if you please, let's just keep that between you and me.  A little pressie never hurts, ya know!

 And on a side note: am I the last one to learn that post-Full House Jodie Sweetin (aka Stephanie Tanner) abused drug and alcohol?!  Shocking!!! 


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  1. I love your Stephanie Tanner reference! I know every single episode of Full House and Saved by the Bell. I can even quote lines from the shows, it freaks my husband out! haha!

  2. Love the Stephanie Tanner reference...yeah, she was totally into meth, but they say she's better now!

    I got a fortune cookie right before I found out I passed the bar exam, and it said that I had good things waiting for me in my future. I took it as a sign that I was going to get good news on that :-) Wouldn't you?

    Found you on Chantel's blog!

  3. Thank you so much for linking up! :-)

    I did not know that about Stephanie Tanner! Crazy. I loved that show growing up.

    I hope he gets you something wonderful :-)

    I once got a fortune cookie that said "Help, I'm stranded in a fortune cookie factory" it was the best



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