Fixin Up the House in 2011

With the start of the New Year, I am thinking about all the things that I want to get done on the house.  And  It definitely won't all get done this year.  But here it is:

Living Room
  • new flooring
  • stain tower shelves to match TV stand
  • paint walls
  • replace one love seat with two arm chairs  (see here)
  • replace horizontal blinds with curtains  (see here)
Dining Room
  • new flooring
  • replace chairs
  • new light fixture
  • buy a buffet table
  • buy large mirror to go above buffet table
  • paint walls
Master Bathroom

  • new window treatments
  • buy extra towels (tan)
Master Bedroom
  • new flooring
  • hang the bedside lights we bought ages ago
  • find art to hang about our bed
  • buy a few new throw pillows
  • paint walls
Guest Bedroom
  •  replace desk with dresser  (see here)
  • new flooring
  • buy a mirror
Guest Bathroom
  • make a frame for the mirror
  • paint the cabinets
  • add drawer handles
  • buy extra towels (gray)
 Craft Room
  • buy/build a new desk 
  • new flooring
  • more storage
  • organize (this is a major one, since this room tends to look more like a junk room than a craft room)
  • epoxy floor
  • xeroscape the backyard
  • fix up patio for Spring and Fall living
Oh geez!  This makes me tired just looking at it!  Stay tuned to see our progress on all these projects.
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