Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lesson 88- Black Then White All Over

Starting Memorial Day weekend, Husband and I started our bathroom update.  Doing a full bathroom renovation was definitely not in the budget.  But I figured we could update the bathroom fairly inexpensively.  And thus started our summer long project of working on the bathroom.  So for the next few weeks I'll be sharing little projects that we completed before revealing our updated and brand new bathroom.

Today we'll start with the shelves and mirror we added.  Both were something I had pre-Newlywed status.  The mirror we had hung in the entry way and the shelves were taking up space on a closet shelf.  Their original black most certainly would not work with our new color scheme.  

We lightly sanded the mirrors and shelves, covered the mirror with paper and tape, and then I sprayed away.'s a tip: 

bright summer sun
white paint
a mirror
a blind Newlywed

Anyways, back to the project.  Once they were dry we hung the mirror in the little toilet room.  My thoughts were the mirror would make the room feel less clautraphobic.  Results on that are still pending.  The shelves were hung on the wall opposite the vanity.  And apparently we suck at hanging things, cause the shelves were no where near flush against the wall, thus making it impossible to acutally put anything on the shelves.  So we hung them with liquid nails.  Hahaha, please don't tell the next homeowner!

Once they were securely in place, I used Distress Ink (walnut) to tone down the whiteness.  I simply ran the ink pad on the surface, then wiped with a paper towel.

Here are the final products:

Come back next week to see the next project we conquered in our update process.  And here's a little project I did for storage in our bathroom.

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