Monday, August 23, 2010

Lesson 86- This Craft Brought to You By...

...The Letter 'M'

Remember I shared my summer wreath with you a few weeks ago?

Well, I decided I didn't like it that much after all.  Apparently Husband agreed (but he said it in the nicest way possible).  It needed something else.  But what?  I had no clue.

I brought out my glue gun, scissors, the left over seashells, the left over twine, and left over ribbon from this project.  I tried wrapping the ribbon in between in the sea shells.  Nope.  That wasn't the 'something' the wreath needed.  What if I randomly zig-zag the ribbon in the middle?  I like random.  I held the zig-zags in place with straight pins...just in case I didn't like the results nothing was permanent.

Ok the random ribbon in the middle didn't look so bad.  What else can I add?  Enter the letter 'm'.  (Does this remind anyone else of Sesame Street?  Such a classic!)

It was left over from a failed wedding project.  Clearly it didn't match the theme of the wreath, so I wrapped twine around it to make it feel a little more included.

Then I hung that from the middle of the wreath with the random ribbon as a background.

Lastly I used the last bit of green ribbon to make a loop to hang the wreath from.  Oh wait.  I still seashells left over.  So I glued the rest on, wherever they would fit.  And voila!  We now had this:

And it looks so much better!  Even better, it cost me no more dollars!  I was fairly pleased, considering I had no plan of action and just pulled it our of pocket!

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