Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lesson 72-Treasures Found

Remember the saying one man's trash is another's treasure?
I've discovered how true that can be.  I'm fairly new to the thrifting scene.  And to be perfectly honest, it wears me out!  A few weeks ago I wanted to run by Goodwill but I didn't want to spend a lot of time.  I should also mention I was out with Husband, and I'm assuming it's true for most husbands that Goodwill is pretty much the last place they want to be on a Saturday afternoon.  But he's a good sport and chilled on the couches till I was done.  And I was good and only spent about 20 minutes there.  Here's what I came out with

I don't remember the break-down of everything, but the grand total was $20.67.  I was most excited about the four gold chargers for $2.99.  Pretty sure Hobby Lobby sells one charger for that same price.  Can't wait for Christmas now!  And the candles were turned into this project.  The seashell and vase ended up in our bathroom (don't worry, you'll see where soon).  And the hat-form-thingy was something Husband picked out.  It now lives in our laundry room.

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  1. Was as the Goodwill today too and find a good stuff will post it next week. Yours is really great too. Happy thrifting!!

    2nd find

  2. Thanks or stopping by my blog and leaving a comment...I LOVE comments! It looks like you did pretty good thrifting. I hope you find your cheese dome/cloche soon! I find that our AZ Goodwill's are hit and miss. Sometimes with more misses than hits, but that doesn't stop me! Good luck and happy thrifting! Stop by again sometime! :)

  3. Great finds and welcome to blogging...it's addictive as is thrifting!!!


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