Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lesson 84- Goodwill Goodies

Last week I had the opportunity to go thrifting with my MIL (why I wasn't at work isn't a topic for discussion, sorry :-) Anyways, I IM'd her to see if she would be up for the adventure.  I picked her up after my dentist appointment and we headed to the Goodwill that is just a few blocks from her house with our coupon's in hand.

Now thrifting with my MIL is WAY different than thrifting with the Husband.  Remember in this post he was kind enough to go with me and to return the favor I spent very little time perusing the store.  But this time we spent a good three hours browsing.  Oh, the things I found!!!  Here, let me share them with you.

These are the fall decorations: 2 scare crows,  and a table runner

These are the Christmas decorations: peppermint candles (still in the packaging), a snowman soap dish (at least that's what I think it is), and a penguin candleholder (again, that's what I think it is)

A set of 6 placemats and 4 napkins

Four silver chargers and 4 mason jars

Another candle, 2 clear candlesticks, white plate with goblet-looking thingy

Stay tuned for projects involving the mason jars, candle, candlesticks, and white plate with goblet-looking thingy.

One thing I love about Goodwill is buying things to transform in to something else.  Or deciding what its purpose is when it's not always completely obvious.  And people say our imagination deteriorates as we get older.  Oh yeah!  I also bought a pair of gym shorts and PJ pants, but they're currently chillin' in the dryer.

 Now the downside of having the ability to stay for three hours is you wind up spending about the three times the money.  Oops!  Lucky for me Husband wasn't upset.  Man, he's a good catch.  And I'm very thankful that he doesn't get upset with me too often for my spending habits.

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  1. Good finds! I love our Goodwill. It's not very big, but it's got some really cool stuff!

  2. If your snowman that you think is a soap dish has an opening in the back of the head, it's a tart burner. The bottom part holds a tealight candle and the top is where you put the tart. The candle will melt the tart and the fragrance fills the room. Yankee Candle sells tarts if you are not familiar with them. I'm not sure if that's what you have but if there is an opening in the back of the snowman, that's what it is! Enjoy it, I have several and I love them!

  3. Alison, Thanks so much for the tip. But, Husband has already packed it away with the rest of the Christmas decorations. So I'm going to have to wait till Christmas time to figure out what it is. But I think in the mean time I'll stock up on some candles...just in case ;-) And I'll certainly let you know what the results are!

  4. What great finds! Looks like you have an awesome Goodwill, ours is OK. I have a party going on now, thrifty party, would love for you to join in. Debbie

  5. Goodwill has coupons? Did I understand that correctly? Yes, I Goodwill too. And have had great fun at it. I also go to Salvation Army, and our local SPCA Thrift Shop. Oh, and I do estate sales and garage sales. Fun, fun, fun!

  6. Great finds! Goodwill is one of my favorite treasure hunting places!


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