Monday, August 2, 2010

Lesson 71- My Children May Have Nightmares

Last night I was put to bed early by Husband due to a headache that was threatening to morph in to a migraine.  After laying in bed for well over an hour I sent Husband a text message (he was in the living room playing XBox).

Me:  I can't sleep
Hubs:  I'm sorry
Hubs:  You can come watch me play my game
Me:  You will not come see me?

He came in to talk to me for about five minutes.  And then returned to the XBox.

(About an hour later)
Me:  I'm still awake
Hubs:  Soon the little sheeps of heaven will take you to sleep land
Me:  That sounds creepy
Hubs:  I know

But apparently his creepy vision of sheep coming down from heaven to help me fall asleep did the trick.  But I still think it's creepy.  We'll need to work on bedtime techniques before we have children.

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