About Me!

  **Some Things I've Learned About Myself, So Far**
*I want to learn to tell stories through photography.
*I try to remember that God is with me, wherever I go
*I love learning. I miss school because of this. And I'm not disciplined enough to teach myself things.
*I'm more like my parents than I would like to admit.
*I love the desert. Especially the thunderstorms.
*Being a hopeless romantic is one of my weaknesses
*I'm so excited to be a wife
*I am saved by grace
*Growing up isn't as bad as I thought...but wouldn't turn down the simplicities of being younger
*I love cupcakes. I think they're beautiful.
*I love finding the beauty in life.
*I have a very blessed life
*I love to laugh
*I am a woman full of contradictions, uniqueness, and randomness.
*The crafty girl in me I attribute to both my grandmothers.
*I love people and hearing their stories.  

About We!
We were introduced by Husband's aunt. I had been friends with members of his family in New Mexico for several years, going to high school and college together and working together. Husband grew up in Arizona.

After our first several dates in September 2008 we started doing the long distance thing. It sucked, but we were fortunate enough to get to see each other every 2nd or 3rd week.

Husband proposed at the end of February and we were married Sept 26, 2009. The day after, I moved to Phoenix and began my new life as a wife.

My first task, spiffy up the Bachelor Pad Husband called home. Second task, adjust to life in Arizona. And this is where I will share the lessons I learn along the way. 
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