Monday, July 12, 2010

Lesson 56- Our Head Board Part II

Remember in this post, Husband and I built our very own headboard that I had been longing for, for oh so long?

You may also remember that I bought upholstery buttons and covered them, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to add them or not. They were super easy to make! They come with a pattern that you use on your desired fabric folded over so when you cut the semi-circle you end up with a full circle.

Doesn't the fabric just look beautiful next to the red table cloth--ick!!
Next you place the fabric in a bottle-cap looking thing that comes with the buttons, then the flat metal piece, followed by the part of the button with the loop. I'm so good with technical terms!!!

Hit it a few times and 'ta-da'! You have yourself a covered button!
I finished all six buttons that came in the package and they sat on my dresser for about three months. Then I decided there real home shouldn't be my dresser but our headboard as inteded. So I whipped out my staple gun and hot glue gun and got to work. To figure out the placement for the buttons I traced the buttons on to bright pink cardstock and cut them off. I then placed the pink circles on the headboard where I wanted the buttons to be and kept them in place with straight pins.
Again what a great color-combo! Aren't I super at putting colors together to look hideous?!
With my handy-dandy staple gun, I stapled the fabric and foam down to the board where each pink circle was. I had to re-inforce some with 4 or 5 staples and then removed the pink circles. Finally, I added the covered buttons. I was so pleased with the result I told Husband "I'm so glad I decided to do this". He laughed and I think he was more pleased with my comment than the actual headboard. Here's the finished product:

I love, love, love it even more than I did before! Now, if only I could keep Oliver from trying to chew the buttons off...

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