Monday, March 22, 2010

Lesson 27: Our New Addition

A few weeks ago Husband and I went back to my home town to pick up our new puppy, Oliver.
Last time we saw him he looked like this. Now he looks like this .

After having Oliver at the house for a few weeks we've learned some helpful things about preparing for our new baby.
Here's our list of necessities:
1. A crate. We found ours at Petco for a whoppng $27 (on sale from $150!!!)

2. Puppy food. We bought the same stuff he was being fed with Husband's aunt.

3. Water and food dish.

4. Puppy bed.

5. Puppy training treats. These have made house training so much easier!!!

6. Carpet cleaning solution and Lysol.

7. Toys. Oliver's favorite is a squeaky monkey.

8. A collar and leash.

We also bought training pads. Those were essentially $16 down the drain. Oliver hated the sound they made when he walked on them and never used them.

But the most important thing we've given our puppy is a good home with lots and lots of TLC. He's so fun to snuggle.

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