Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lesson 59-Hiding Our Stuff

In the continuing saga of redoing our laundry room, I bring you the storage function the room provides. Which brings me to pose the question: does one ever have the right amount of the storage room. I feel like I'm always in need of just a little more storage space. But maybe what I'm really needing is less stuff. Hmmm...

Anyways, back to the laundry room. When I moved in the laundry room had only one shelf above the washer and dryer. All I could think was what about all the unused space. It had such good storage potential. So...Husband and I made a trip to Home Depot (or Lowe's--when they're just across the street from each other it's hard for me to keep them apart) and bought some wood. Then Husband had his padre come over to help put in a new shelf. But let's be honest, my father-in-law did most of the work. Husband was just there really for moral support--and to look pretty. Sorry for the lack of photos, but I was at work and apparently men don't see the need for photographic documentation of projects.

So we now had double the storage space in the laundry room. Hurray!!! But with more storage came the problem of more visible stuff. Boo!!! A double-edged sword really. So taking some inspiration from J & S at YHL and hang blinds to hide our clutter. After searching stores and the 'net I finally found one at and it was on sale! Sweet! Minor problem: it was too long.
But I had no worries. I measured and marked on the blinds the length I needed, plus a few inches and started cutting the excess off. With the extra few slats I rolled them up and hot glued them in place both to get the final length I wanted and to prevent the blinds to continue to unravel.

And in case your wondering even after altering the length we have no issues using the string to roll the blinds up and down for easy access.
So after the painting was done, the washer and dryer (freshly cleaned) were back in place, my father-in-law returned to help hang. Again there are no pictures of this task since I was at work. Do you see a pattern emerging? And the result: love at first sight. It was such a great touch and I LOVE that it hides everything we store up there.

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And I'll be back next week with the final product.

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