Friday, July 9, 2010

Lesson 55-One Reason I Love My Glue Gun

...and I love wine too! My mom has close to every wine cork from every bottle of wine she's bought--for years! Her plan in to make a bulletin board using her corks. Husband and I started saving our corks from our wine bottles after we got married. But I'm not as patient as my mom to save up for a nice big bulletin board, so I made this instead.

A trivet for all those yummy dishes too hot to go on our dining room table. And it was all possible with my handy, dandy glue gun. And several nights of wine drinking.

Our favorite wine is from Wally-World, for a whopping $3.00. We're classy like that! Or it would be pistachio wine from a winery in New Mexico. Or it would be a riesling from Yellow Tail. Or...we don't discriminate and just like wine.

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  1. Cute trivet! I love that you used corks from bottles from your wedding. That is so cool!



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