Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lesson 49- Laundry Room Unplugged!

Ok, so it's not near as cool as MTV Unplugged! (Does anyone even remember that show?) And it certainly isn't my favorite room in the house, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way! Luckily for me, that dear hubby of mine was okay with me redoing the laundry room and attempting to make it as exciting as the golden age of Music Television. The first step was removing the washing machine and dryer. This was a job for Mr. Muscles, also known as my hubbs.

While moving the appliances to their temporary home (the scrapbooking room and hallway--awkward much!) we discovered that perhaps it wasn't as straight forward as it seemed. So I decided to write this blog for anyone who might discover the same thing in their process of making the laundry room their favorite room in the house.

1) Pull the washer away from the wall and unplug the power cord.
2) Turn off both water supplies behind the machine (hot and cold). Make sure they are tight so water doesn't leak out.
3) A bucket or towel can be placed underneath the water source if water is leaking out.
4) Disconnect the washing machine from the water source on the wall.
5) Carefully move the washing machine to its temporary home. A dolly will be Mr. Muscles BFF.

Just reverse those steps when you're ready to have everything plugged back in. Pretty easy once you figure our what you're doing.

And of course this is one of those posts where I slacked on pictures. Sorry! But while you're using your imagination to see the our washer and dryer in hall and scrapbooking room, maybe you can also come up with who killed the video-star. Anyone else miss Carson Daly and TRL? I guess this post could also be an ode to dead MTV shows. Oh the memories...

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