Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lesson 130- White Washing

Starting Memorial Day weekend, Husband and I started our bathroom update.  Doing a full bathroom renovation was definitely not in the budget.  But I figured we could update the bathroom fairly inexpensively.  And thus started our summer long project of working on the bathroom.  But our summer quickly filled with lots of plans and our bathroom extended beyond Labor Day weekend into fall, but we still had summer temperatures, so I think it should still count.

This was the last major step we did in our bathroom.  It is high impact and I love the way it turned out!!!  Here is the before picture

We removed the doors and the drawers and got to painting.

 My strategy was to go nice and slow, with lots of drying time in between coats.  Husband's strategy was a bit different.  Let's just say one of us had a better strategy, but I won't tell you who cause I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings.  But it wouldn't be my feelings that were hurt...

Once I was certain everything was dry we (and by we I mean Husband) put the cabinet doors back on and put the drawers back in.  While things were drying I also went through everything we had been storing in there and threw out a bunch and got the rest nice and organized!  We also attached silver knobs that we bought at Home Depot (I think.  I can never remember because they are literally just across the street from each other.)  And here's how they look now.

I LOVE it!!!  It makes such a difference in our bathroom and I think it's beautiful.


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