Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lesson 124- Mini Cake Plate

Last time I went thrifting I found these...

I used the candle for this project and the vases were used for this project.  So all I had left were the little plate and the matching cup.  Immediately when I saw these on the shelf at Goodwill I knew what to do with them. 

I put a little Gorilla Glue around the rim of the cup.  

 I put the plate upside down on the counter then the cup upside down on the plate making sure to have it centered.

Gorilla Glue works best with some weight while it dries, so I put the heaviest book we own on top.  I allowed it to dry over night.

Once I was satisfied that it was completely dry, I took the book off and flipped it over.  My favorite thing about the plate is the edging.  I can add ribbon to it to update it for different seasons.

Ta Da!

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  1. Ooh! Good eye. I wouldn't have thought to put those two together, but it looks great, especially with the ribbon!


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