Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lesson 129- Shredding

A few months ago I mentioned that I was attending Zumba twice a week at a gym near(ish) our house.  Well imagine my surprise when I arrived one day after work to see a completely empty parking lot.  There were two notices on the door.  One from the landlord stating that the gym had failed to pay rent and a lien had been put on the building.  The second from another local gym stating they would honor all contracts.  This gym wasn't too convenient to get too, especially after work when I tended to go.  The new gym was going to be even further.  So I decided to nix the gym membership all together.  But I needed some type of exercise program.  So...

I bought 'Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred' at Target. 

Buy it here
 Holy good grief, that woman is like a slave driver!!!  But I'm kinda enjoying it...as much as one can.  I've only done it about 10 days and haven't moved passed level one, but it is a nice, cheaper alternative to a gym membership.  I'm also proud of myself that I have been somewhat disciplined enough to do the DVD at home.

So far there hasn't been a significant change in numbers on the scale, but I can definitely tell that it is getting easier.  But I miss my Zumba classes.  Maybe once the New Year hits I'll start researching places that offer it closer to our house.

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  1. That kicks my butt! But I like it too :-)

    I''d recommend trying the other levels to mix it up a bit -I find it easier on my muscles and also it's a fun change. I haven't been able to follow the more advanced girl, luckily there is an easier version to all the moves in all the levels.

    Good luck!


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