Friday, October 8, 2010

Lesson 117- Marriage Casualties

Confession: Husband and I are klutzy!

At the end of last month was our one-year-aversary.  And I thought it might be fun to look back at all the things Husband and I have broken over the year. 

The first casualty of our marriage was our unity sand vase.  I don’t even thing we had been married a week before I broke it.  It was a dumb mistake.  I was trying to fix the floor lamp and leaned it over, either forgetting there were things on the shelves or forgetting the law of gravity—I’m not sure which.  In any case, down came the vase, full of sand and our beautiful symbol of our unity in God and I broke it!!!  I was horrified and immediately called Husband at work in tears.  He assured me that it was not a sign that our marriage would break.  After he calmed me down, I spent the next 10 minutes vacuuming sand off our carpet.  This was the most tragic of our marriage casualties.

Next was Husband’s fault.  We have beautiful crystal glasses that were wedding gifts from my friend C in Florida.  I love them!  One night husband was filling up the glass with ice and for some reason pushed it up to the ice dispenser on our fridge door with such force that it made abcrack all the way down the glass.  And in to the trash went the glass and we were left with an odd 7 glasses.

Not too much longer after this, Husband was walking down the hall and knocked one of our picture collage frames right off the wall.  Another wedding gift went crashing to the ground.  At least we had registered for two of those frames, right?

Then we were blessed to go a few months without any casualties in our house.  Thank goodness!  While we were making our headboard, Husband knocked off a vase from the bookcase.  This was part of the first Christmas present he ever gave me and was a one-of-a-kind piece from our friend R who makes pottery.  It sat on a stand that was a replica of the base of the Eifel Tower.  Now I just have the stand…

And our most recent casualty happened when I was re-organizing our kitchen.  I placed our French press (of course, another wedding present) on a shelf in a cabinet not realizing that it was too tall to fit on the shelf.  When I opened the drawer above the cabinet, it knocked the French press right on to our tile floor causing it to shatter.

But thanks to our handy-dandy coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond, we were able to replace our crystal glass so we have an even set of 8 and we also bought a new French press.  But not the same one, this time we opted for a non-breakable one.

So that’s the story of how Husband and I have broken things in our first year of marriage together.  Sure they all had special meaning, but it’s important for us to remember that they are just things.  It’s more important that we are together…and klutzy together.  And at least we aren’t the superstitious type!!!

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  1. Haha, I'm glad you guys aren't superstitious too! :-) They are just things, but I'm still glad you were able to replace things.

    Thanks for linking up to Small Treasure Tuesdays!


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