Friday, October 1, 2010

Lesson 112- Year One, Part Two

Today I’m continuing our look back at our first year of marriage.  If you missed yesterday’s post you can play catch up here.

March:  We took a long weekend to San Diego and both had the opportunity to see friends that live there.  We also got excited for my alma mater’s basketball team advancing to the NCAA ‘Big Dance’ (unfortunately they were knocked out after the first round—major bummer)

April:  We bought a new car! This was our first major purchase as a married couple which was kinda exciting.  My parents also joined us for Easter.

May:  Our first big vacation together was a trip to England and Ireland.  I had a great time visiting some of my favorite places and people and introducing them all to Hubbs.

June:  One of my friends from England was visiting NM so we drove over for the weekend to see her.  It was really nice getting to see her one month in her hometown and the next month in my hometown.  We also spent several weekends working on our bathroom update.

July:  Fourth of July weekend was a busy but fun one.  We had dinner at the melting pot with our friends H &C (pretty much Heaven in my mouth) and went to a Fourth pot-luck/Bingo party.

August:  Was an exciting month.  Not only was it a brutally hot month, Husband was offered a new position with his company.  Very exciting news for both of us.  We also spent a weekend with some of my family in LA sightseeing and eating lots of yummy things!

The end.  Finally.  Thanks for reminiscing with us and hope you’ll join us for our second year and everything it has in store for us.

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