Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lesson 111- Year One, Part One

I thought it would be fun to do a look back on our first year together as husband and wife.  So here goes…

September:  After our Brunch Reception we drove an hour and a half up to a tiny village town in the mountains.  We had spent so much socializing and enjoying the party that we hadn’t eaten anything all day and shared our first meal as a couple with a hamburger and fries from Wendy’s.

We stayed the night at The Lodge in their honeymoon suite.  We had reserved our room as part of the “Romance Package” which included a 5-Star dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, breakfast the next morning and chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in our room.  It was a wonderful way to spend our first night together.

The next morning we drove back down the mountain then had my dad drive us to the airport to catch our flight to Phoenix.  The next few weeks were spent opening presents, unpacking boxes, and beginning the process of changing the Bachelor Pad.

October:  About three weeks after our wedding we finally left on our honeymoon.  We had a super time.  Halloween marked our first venture in to entertaining as a couple.  We invited some friends over along with the in-laws for chili, salad, spiderweb cake.  After dinner we played board games.  I’d say it was a success, cause those same people have since been back for dinner.

November:  We hosted our first Thanksgiving with my parents, the in-laws and Husband’s Grandma, my BFF, K from San Diego, and Husband’s friend C (whose wife had to work that day :-()  It was a bit hectic at times and we learned that our kitchen is only a three-bum kitchen, but thankfully the meal was successful!

December:  Husband and I joined my parents, my brother SIL and nephew, my aunt and uncle, and Husband parents in LA for a weekend at Disneyland.  If you’ve never been at Christmas time…you should!  It’s beautiful!  And nothing beats going with a 3 year old!  We spent Christmas in Arizona with Husband’s parents and grandma. The day after Christmas our puppy was born!

January:   Just as the New Year rolled in we were rolling into my home-town for a visit with my parents.  We both celebrated birthdays this month and I started my new job.

February:  At the start of the month we hosted Brady's annual Superbowl party.  Later, we took another road trip to NM to pick up our little puppy and bring him home.  That sure was exciting!

Whew…that wore me out!  And we’re only half way through the year.  Come back tomorrow for the second half of our first year together.

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  1. Reading this is fun! I'm trying to think of what the highlight for each month during my husband and mine's first year together is... maybe I should do a post like this one too :)


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