Thursday, June 9, 2011

Preparing for Travel

About eight years ago, I figured out the best way for me to prepare for a trip, was to make a check-list.  Since the check list was almost always the same, I saved it as a document and would print it a new copy while packing for a trip.

My Packing List
    I do keep a lot of these things in a travel cosmetic bag packed all the time to make packing a little easier.  Most things are travel size that I refill or replace as necessary.  My make-up I keep in a bag all the time so when it's time I just zip it up and toss it in my bag.  And I love Vera Bradley for my travel accessories.  And the people at Vera Bradley have no idea I'm such a huge fan of their products, but if they do find this post and want to give me some free stuff I wouldn't object!

    Okay, so this post is getting much longer than I anticipated, so I think I'll break it up a little.  I'll be later with packing clothes.

    Enjoy!  And I hope your travels take you somewhere amazing and you bring home very special memories!

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