Monday, June 27, 2011

A (Bargain) Shopping Spree

And this could also kinda be considered a weekend recap including the possibility that I shop too much and have a super indulging Husband!

It all started Friday afternoon, I was waiting for Husband to
finish work.  I didn't want to go home, so I went to Marshall's first.  And that's where I found these two beauties.


They were in the clearance aisle.  Mercury glass ball was $3.50.  I was so excited to find it cause I've been longing for a mercury glass piece for a while now.  The lotus candle holder was only $3 and I think she's pretty as well!

Later that evening, after I'd picked up Husband, we stopped at Target.  I don't exactly remember why...but I needed to go.  That's when I found these cute acrylic napkin rings for $2.98 and these plates.  The large platter was $4.98, the medium, $1.98 and the small one was $1.48.  And I have a special plan for those plates, that I'll be sharin' soon!

 I added the napkin rings to the tablescape I did last weekend.

Sunday we were roaming around town/waiting for "Cars 2" to start.  We had some time to spare which seemed like the perfect time to roam Marshall's again.  And since my Husband is most awesome, he agreed.  I found these cute napkin rings for $2.50 and these Paris plates for $6.99.  I'm totally in love with the plates.  I've been looking for something like these for a while now!  If only they were a little bigger...
Oh well...still love em!  Oh, and if you can't tell, the napkin rings have seashells on them.  Perfect for another summer tablescape!

After the movie (which I highly reccommend, BTW), I needed to go to Staples for some stuff (for another project I'm working on).  We got there 5 minutes after the store closed.  Dang it!  But it gave me another reason to go to Target.  Hmm...maybe I spend too much time there?  Nah...
So back to Target we went.  And I got everything I needed...along with these...

They are from the Calypso Collection and were only $5.58 a piece.  Pretty...
Then I found these for only $0.98 a piece!  Can you believe it!!!  They had pink ones too, but I opted not to buy them.  But...with Target being so close that could change. ;-)

And I loved the plates so much that I bought on Saturday I decided to buy a few more.  Each of these were $1.48.

So that was my bargain shopping spree.  I think I did fairly well and got some pretty things.  Have you scored any awesome deals lately?

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  1. Stumbled across your site by way of Southern Hospitality. Don't worry, the Target addiction is wide-spread. And I have a sneaking suspicion those plates are going to turn into cake plates!

  2. Can't wait to see the tablescape with these awesome plates!!!!



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