Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little Bit of Decluttering

...And some organization too!

This past weekend I started a little project.  I took my magazines (mostly Real Simple and Southern Living), went through every one of them and tore out what I wanted to keep.

Recipes, check-lists, helpful hints, entertaining ideas, pictures of inspiration for my dream home, etc.  Then every magazine found its way in to the recycle bin.  I wanted to take a picture of the massive stack of magazines I was recycling, but Husband got rid of the evidence too quickly.  Dang it!

Anyways, Sunday I went to Target (cause Staples closes too early for my liking) to buy Post-it tabs to make dividing tabs.  I already had a binder and page protectors at home.

My magazine pages were organized in to seven categories:

*  Around the House (including how-to's on composting, setting up a home office, etc)
*  Cleaning (including tips, and check-lists)
*  Entertaining Ideas (including tablescape inspiration, recipes, shopping lists)
*  Helpful Hints (wardrobe hints are all I have right now)
*  Wishlists (products I want to try, shoes I want, etc)
*  Inspiration (pictures of home spaces I'd like to incorporate in my dream home)
*  Christmas (tablescape ideas, recipes, etc)
*  Recipes (generic recipes not specific to party themes or Christmas)

The first five categories now live in a 2-inch binder.  I still need to make cover for the binder and find a permanent home for it, but I'm very pleased with it.  Even though it's still currently living on the coffee table, it's taking up way less space than all those magazines!  The last two categories have different homes.  I already have a binder for recipes (no need to keep them in two different places) and a binder for all things Christmas.

Oh, and the added bonus of going through all the Real Simple magazines again?  I found two 20% coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond.  Sure they're from 2009, but the beauty of BB&B is they take all coupons.  Expired or not.

So that's my little decluttering/organizing project for a Monday evening.

Oh yeah, if you have a title suggestion for my new binder, please oh pretty please, leave it in the comment section.  I'm stumped on what to call it!  Thanks friends!

And Happy Wednesday!!!  xoxo

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