Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swiss Muesli

I love this stuff.  It may be because my family comes from Switzerland.  Or, because it's pretty good.  And filling.  And fairly healthy (unless you're doing a no/low carb diet).  Or, a combination of those.

*  4 cups rolled oats
*  2 cups milk
*  2 tbsp. honey
*  3 apples, peeled and shredded
*  2 cups low-fat yogurt (any flavor, but I prefer vanilla)

You can also add raisins, halved grapes, or nuts.  They aren't my favorite, so I didn't.

1.  Mix together oats, milk, and honey.  Let soak overnight.

2.  Add apples and yogurt (and any other add-ins you may like) the next morning.

3.  Enjoy your yummy breakfast!

P.S.  This recipe should make about 8 servings

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