Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living Room Updates

Do you remember here, I listed everything that I hoped to accomplish on the house this year.  It may seem as though we haven't done anything...since I have posted anything.  Which would be a normal conclusion.  There was no evidence of productivity.  But I am here today to show you that we actually have been somewhat productive.

Here are the most lovely blinds that came with the house.  Don't you just love them?  Blech!!  Ick!!! and Disgusting!!!

We took them down and chucked them in the garbage.  Good riddance.  Then my handsome Husband hung these curtains and curtain rod we got at IKEA.  At some point (when we decide on a paint color, most likely) I'd like to spray paint the curtain rod with an oiled-bronze color.

 We also saved up our money to buy two of these chairs at IKEA to replace the love seat that once lived in the same spot.  The love seat we gave to Husband's parents.  It worked out great since they host their small group from church every week which has been growing lately.  They added extra seating and we added seating that was a little more our style.

I think it makes such a cute little reading nook.  And those books--so cheap.  Our local Borders was closing so we stocked up on some awesome coffee table books.  I love looking at the pictures and imagining myself in far off lands.  Ahh...

Anyways...those are the updates we've made so far to the living room.  And now there is actually proof that we have been somewhat productive.  Yeah us!!!

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