Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lesson 93-Lights! Mirror! Action!

I know...super cheesy title.  But sometimes we all need a little cheese...

Starting Memorial Day weekend, Husband and I started our bathroom update.  Doing a full bathroom renovation was definitely not in the budget.  But I figured we could update the bathroom fairly inexpensively.  And thus started our summer long project of working on the bathroom.  So for the next few weeks I'll be sharing little projects that we completed before revealing our updated and brand new bathroom.

I've gotta start with a major oops!  I forgot to get a picture of the the hideous lights we got rid of!  But I'll let you use your imagination.  I'm sure you've seen them before.  They looked something like this...
But they were brass instead.  Gorgeous, right?  Nope, I didn't think so either.  So we chucked them...

The lights were kind enough to leave their mark so they wouldn't be forgotten.

This was when I realized this project might be more work than anticipated.  But we patched them up using Qwik Patch and painted over them, so this picture is now the only proof we have of the hole that once was.  On to installing the lights.  Please make sure to turn off lights from the circut breaker.  My husband chose not to do this (my guess is to show how macho he is) and ended up getting shocked.  But he was ok, no major damage done.  His hair was just extra curly for a day ;-)

Now...on to fixing the mirror!
For this portion of the project we bought one piece of molding that was 18ft long from Lowe's and 4 decorative square things (okay, who wants to tell me what those are called?).  We had the guy at Lowe's cut the molding to fit the length and height of our mirror (minus 4 inches that were taken up by the decorative square things).

When we got home we covered the dining room table.  I don't recommend using the dining room table unless you decide to do this project in the middle of summer and you live in Phoenix.  

We used Liquid Nails to adhere the pieces together and masking tape to hold them in place until it was dried.  We let it dry for a full 24 hours before moving the frame.  Then we carefully carried it from the dining room to the bathroom and stuck it to the mirror, again using Liquid Nails and masking tape.

After a few days we removed the tape, did some touch up paint and cleaned the mirror.  I think it's beautiful and considering it only cost us a mere fraction of what a framed mirror would have.  We were happy Newlyweds!

Break down of costs:
  • New vanity lights: $40.00/set
  • Light Bulbs: $20.00 (cause we bought the eco-friendly supposed to last for years bulbs)
  • Molding: $8.99 + free cuts from nice Lowe's man
  • Liquid Nails: $7.99
  • Masking tape: $3.99
  • Touch-up paint: free

Total cost for new lights and mirror: 120.64 + tax

Wanna see more from our bathroom update?  Click here.  Or here.  And I'll be back in a couple of weeks with more projects we completed in the bathroom.
And Hurray for being half way through the week!!!

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