Monday, September 20, 2010

Lesson 103- Wedding Week I

My parents gave me a fairly small budget (compared to the average wedding) for our wedding.  And although they did give me some wiggle room, I had to be creative on how the money was spent.  My two biggest expenses were the venue+food and drink and the photographer.  Looking back I have no qualms about the money spent on either.  This week I’m going through some of the projects I competed to stay on budget.

All our stationary was DIY to some extent.  Our save-the-dates were designed on an online photo website.  Our invitations were bought from Kinko’s as just templates.  I created the format and had them printed at Staples.  We then added decorative ribbon to the top and stuffed and addressed all the envelopes ourselves.  Our thank you notes are the only thing that we had no part in the creating process.  They were purchased from Target for $9.99 for a box of 50.
I also created a brochure for all our out-of-town guests to receive upon their arrival.  In it I included our favorite restaurants, directions to key places for the weekend’s events, a brief list of things to do while in town, and contact numbers just in case someone got lost or needed the assistance of a “local”.
I placed this along with a few other visitor brochures I collected from around town in a pocket that was then hung from the doorknobs on the hotel rooms.  Martha gave me the directions for this and now I’m sharing it with you.  I figure it’s actually good for anyone expecting out of town guests.

·      8.5” x 11” cardstock (1 piece per pocket)
·      2” circle paper punch
·      Round label stickers

      ·      Any decorations you desire (I used a stamp with a swirly design and black embossing powder)

Print the word welcome twice across the top of a sheet of card stock.  Cut the card stock in half lengthwise; punch a hole in the bottom of each piece with a 2 1/2-inch circle punch. Then crease each card-stock strip 4 inches from the top, and fold to form a pocket. Fasten sides with round label stickers.
Now add decorations you have chosen.
I also made all our programs.  Using Microsoft Word I created the program to print horizontally on card stock.  I split the page in to two sides so that it would be double-sided when folded.  After folding all 100 programs hamburger-style, I then put double-sided tape around the inside edges, then taped a craft stick in the middle with about 3 inches sticking out the bottom.  I folded the other side over creating a fan.  Using a corner cutter, I rounded the four corners to give it a softer look.
That's my Daddy holding our program.
Come back the rest of this week for more wedding DIY projects!

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