Monday, September 13, 2010

Lesson 100-It Was Accidentally on Purpose

Confession: I'm a present snooper.  But he makes me do it!!!

Our One-Year-Aversary is later this month.  I had been thinking about what to get Husband as a gift for some time, trying to get something that falls in the tradition of a 'paper' gift for the first year.  I casually mentioned it to Husband one afternoon, but I didn't have any suggestions for a present for myself.  I guess it wasn't really a productive conversation at all.

Anyways...over Labor Day weekend, Husband told me he had bought my anniversary gift.  My immediate response was "What is it?".  Come on, why even bring it up if we're not going to have a conversation about it?!?!  Then later that same week he told me that we would be getting a UPS package soon and when we do, don't open it.  Why does he do this to me?!?!  Had he said nothing, I never would have thought twice about a package being delivered to the house in his name.  But warning me, taunting me, torturing me like that.  I can't handle it!!!!

That same afternoon as I was pulling into the garage I see it--a UPS envelope sitting in front of the door.  I picked it up and brought it inside.  I set it on the counter in the kitchen.  All the while the darn envelope was taunting me.  So I took a peek at the return address.  It was a website.  Websites can be Googled.  Google loves me.  I love Google.  But I have to be sly about it.  Google from my Blackberry.  That way there is no trace on the computer of my snooping.  Ah ha!!!  Found it!

It's a REALLY good gift.  I'm quite impressed.  And I have the best Husband.  Hands down.  And it even fits in the tradition of a 'paper gift'.  But the bummer is, it makes all my gift ideas beyond lame.  So now I have no idea what to get him!  And it's all Husband's fault for making me snoop.

Friends: if you have any suggestions, please help me out.  The Wife isn't supposed to be the one with the lame anniversary gifts!  And someday I'll tell you how he tortured me with Christmas presents.  Oh, and I'll share with you what he got me...after the One-Year-Aversary.  Hey, somebody's got to be surprised, right?


  1. You could make him a calendar with pictures of you (ya'll), or an image from your wedding day turned into a watercolor painting (or just printed onto canvas).

    My hubby received tickets to his favorite sporting event.

    On a side note, Pledged is definitely worth the read!

  2. Haha... yeah, I'm sure he was asking for it :-P

    I had a hard time thinking of what to get Michael that had to do with paper for our one year anniversary. I ended up getting him a bunch of notebooks for work that were made of waste paper, bananas, and stone -so no new trees were used. Simple, but he loved it

    Good luck

  3. Thanks for the ideas ladies. I had thought about tickets to a football game for his fave team, but we were already planning on going when they play in Phoenix. So then I thought about going a home game in San Francisco, but that would involve plane tickets too and that could get crazy expensive.

    @Chantel, what cool notebooks you found! I never knew such things even existed.

    I'll let you know how this whole present thing turns out in a couple of weeks!


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