Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lesson 105- Wedding Week III

My parents gave me a fairly small budget (compared to the *average* wedding) for our wedding.  And although they did give me some wiggle room, I had to be creative on how the money was spent.  My two biggest expenses were the venue+food and drink and the photographer.  Looking back I have no qualms about the money spent on either.  This week I’m going through some of the projects I competed to stay on budget.

I’m not a big fan of the traditional guest books at weddings where you’re given a line to sign your name and maybe a little more to squeeze in “Congrats!”.  I wanted something more personalized and unique, without being super popular of the photo matte. 

We opted to making a hardback photo book using our engagement pictures.  On the pages we included prompts like:
  • Ideas for a fun date night
  • Advice for a happy marriage
  • Favorite memories of us
  • and then I put some cool Bible verses in too
This way besides just signing their names they could write a little message just for us.

Centerpieces were a tricky element of the wedding planning process.  I didn't want flowers, one cause that's the expected centerpiece.  Two, because it can quickly get expensive.  I like the ideas of candles on a mirror, but for a daytime wedding that just seemed silly.  I just couldn't decide on something I really liked.  In the end I had flower centerpieces.  Here's the secret: they were fake.  The vases were from IKEA ($2.99 I think).  The fillers came from the Dollar Store.  We placed them on a piece of scrapbook paper that I covered in Mod Podge.  My mom's BFF offered to make cookies decorated in our colors.  Our vendor provided the black table cloth and the pink runner.  I really like the way our tablescape turned out, even if I did use flowers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little budget-friendly wedding projects.  I know there was nothing too unique or extraordinary about it, but it worked for us.  And more importantly we loved our wedding and the opportunity to share the day with our family and friends.

Come back the rest of this week for more wedding DIY projects!
Wedding Stationary 
Card Box

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  1. Cute book! and I love the centerpieces! Even though it is a flower, I love that it's fake and it looks more unique. Also, I want one of those cookies :-P


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