Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lesson 106- Wedding Week IV

My parents gave me a fairly small budget (compared to the *average* wedding) for our wedding.  And although they did give me some wiggle room, I had to be creative on how the money was spent.  My two biggest expenses were the venue+food and drink and the photographer.  Looking back I have no qualms about the money spent on either.  This week I’m going through some of the projects I competed to stay on budget.

My (at-the-time) three year old nephew was a our Ringbearer.  And basically he and our Flower girl stole the show, but Husband and I were ok with that.  And while I love my nephew dearly, giving him our ‘real’ wedding bands just was never an option.  He is a non-stop whirlwind of activity.  So I purchased a ‘ready-made’ ring pillow from Michael’s with a 40% coupon so it cost a little over $5.  It was with with pearl embellishments on the top and two silver bands securely tied in the middle.  I love pearls (it has to do with my Audrey Hepburn fascination).  It was beautiful, but about a week before the wedding I decided it just wasn’t beautiful enough.  Using some ribbon that I had left over from this wedding project, I criss-crossed the two colors in between the pearls, now making the pillow match our wedding colors perfectly as well as making it ‘ours’ as opposed to just something purchased at a craft store.  It now sits in our craft room.  I’m not sure what to do with it, but I’m not ready to part with it yet, either.

During the ceremony we wanted to do something special, but a little more unique than the traditional unity candle, and considering our ceremony was outside a candle didn’t seem too practical anyways.  Online I found several kits I could purchase starting around $40 plus shipping and handling.  I went the DIY route.  At Hobby Lobby I purchased one large vase, four smaller vases, white sand, pink sand, and black sand.  It cost less than $20.  Take that internet kit!


White sand was poured in to two of the small vases.  This was to represent that God is our creator and our foundation.  At the beginning of the ceremony our mom’s poured the white sand into the big vase. 


After Husband and I said our vows and exchanged rings, we then poured sand together in to the vase.  I poured pink, he poured black to symbolize our individual lives coming together.  After the ceremony we sealed the sand with wax.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little budget-friendly wedding projects.  I know there was nothing too unique or extraordinary about it, but it worked for us.  And more importantly we loved our wedding and the opportunity to share the day with our family and friends.

Come back the rest of this week for more wedding DIY projects!

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  1. The added ribbon on the pillow is great! (also, I love Audrey Hepburn too!) And that sand thing is so cute! very good idea.


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