Monday, August 29, 2011

Cupcake Stand #2

You may remember a few months ago I scored some plates at Target for waaay cheap.  I finally got around to my little project.

I bought some candlesticks at Dollar Tree...

Used some gorilla glue, placed the candle stick in the middle of the plate (on the back, of course) and placed a heavy book on top while it dried.  I left it alone for about 24 hours before starting the next layer.

Here's my final project!

And I decided not to glue the top layer on, just to keep things a little more convertible.  And I figured this way would make it a little easier to store! ;-)

Sorry this pic is icky-blurry!
I spent $8.44 on the plates, $3.00 in the candle holders and we already had the gorilla glue.  So in total I only spent $11.44 on this project.  Pretty good, in my opinion!

And it went perfect with my pink lemonade cupcakes!  If you're interested in my first cupcake stand, you can see it here.

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