Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Craig's List Adventure

We had these chairs.  They came with out dining room table.  The table I like.  It's good wood, nice design, and I love the versatility that the leaf provides.  But those chairs.  Blech!  And luckily Husband wasn't a huge fan either.

I put them on Craig's List in January, the same time we put our patio furniture on there.  We never heard anything.  So I waited a while.  At the beginning of July I posted them again, this time lowering the price.  Still nothing.  Then the last week of July, Husband and I were so sick of the chairs we were just going to donate them to Goodwill and buy new ones.  The evening that we were planning on going to IKEA to buy new chairs, something amazing happened.  A women called to ask if we still had those chairs.  We did...and she wanted 'em!  It was a beautiful thing.  She came to pick them up and after some slight negotiations we had a check and she had our chairs.  We were so glad.

Our IKEA trip got postponed till the next morning and here's what we got.

We got 4 Henriksdal chairs, with the white Gobo slipcovers, and black-brown frame.  And we love them!  I think they look so much better than our old chairs.  I'm in love.  And when the budget allows, we'll add another two for a total of 6 chairs.

And oddly enough, a few days ago, Husband got another text asking about the chairs.  Almost seven months without the slightest interest and then in just over a week 2 call-backs.  Just wild!

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