Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lesson 134- My Tannenbaum

I often dreamt of my own grown-up Christmas tree.  It would be glamorous, like something you from Martha Stewart.  Last year when I got married and it was finally time to have my own grown-up tree, Husband wasn't too thrilled about my 'designer' tree.  He'd rather our tree tell the story of us.  Although it took me some time to see his side, I have embraced the idea and rather like it now.  For special occasions we buy an ornament to put on our tree.  It's kinda fun.  We've even turned it into a game.  I decided to share this years version with you...even though you won't be able to figure it out because I don't feel like  taking pictures of very single ornament on the tree!
 I love our tree topper.  She was only $7 at Hobby Lobby.  We even have an ornament similar!


1.  Find two ornaments that commemorate our first married Christmas together.

2.  Find two ornaments from our 2010 vacation to England and Ireland.
3.  Find the ornament with a reading from our wedding ceremony. 
4.  Find two ornaments from Christina’s favorite cities.
5.  Find the ornament from our first anniversary trip to Santa Fe.  
6.  Find the ornament of the animal Brady and Christina have been arguing over since their first date. 

7.  Find the five ornaments from Brady and Christina’s New England/Canada honeymoon.
8.  Find the ornament that matches our tree topper. 
9.  How many Irish ornaments can you find?
10.  Find the three ornaments of characters played by Harrison Ford? 
11.  This ornament is from where Brady and Christina stayed on their wedding night.
12.  How many football decorations can you find?
13.  Find the two ornaments representing Christina’s favorite treat.
This one was a bridal shower gift from a dear family friend.

 This is Indiana Jones.

 This is one of my three favorite animals.

We found this guy in Nova Scotia on our honeymoon.

Cupcake.  Need I say more?!

This was made with the help of one of my preschoolers (when I taught preschool during my pre-marriage days)

P.S.  I have vowed to have a real tree every year of my life.  I'm really not a fan of the fakies...they belong in Hollywood.  This year we bought a Noble Fir at Lowe's on sale for $40!

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