Monday, December 13, 2010

Lesson 133- A Magical Night

Saturday night Husband treated me to one of the best nights of the entire year.  He took me to see 'The Nutcracker' performed by Ballet Arizona.  This was so special for me because I performed in 'The Nutcracker' for nine years (from the time I was 8 till I was 16).  Before I was 8, I had seen it maybe three times (Mom, help me out here).  And I've seen it every year since, even when I was in England.

For me The Nutcracker holds more magic than Santa bringing presents on Christmas Eve.  It is simply beautiful and having the opportunity to see it performed by a professional ballet company was A-MA-zing!!!  The sets were perfect, the costumes stunning, and the dancing was breathtaking.  It was everything I could have dreamed for.  And it made me so thankful that I was given the opportunity to be a ballerina for all those years.

This was Husband's first time at the ballet and lucky for me he really enjoyed himself.  Now I know that we'll be able to make my tradition 'our tradition' and continue to go for many more years.

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