Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super Late Valentine's Post

And over a week later, I'm telling you about our Valentine's day.  Oops!  But it was super great!
Husband had these delivered to work.
These are the same flowers from my wedding bouquet as well as my sorority's flower.  I think they are beautiful and are so special to me.

 This was my gift to Husband. 
The tag says "I'll love you to a galaxy far far away and back".  Anyone wanna guess the movie that's from? ;-)

This was his card.
It was originally for a grandson.  Apparently Hallmark doesn't think that big boys would like a Valentine's card from their wives.  So I did some modifications to it.  
 These are the goodies that were inside his basket.
A Darth Vader pen and R2-D2 key chain both from the Lego store.

 And outer-space themed candy and goodies.
Milky Ways- our galaxy
Orbit gum- like planets orbit
Zero bar- zero gravity
Starbursts- stars are in outer space
Sky bar- Luke Skywalker

Here's last year's V-day gift for the Hubs with more detail on assembling and wrapping the gift.
Got any cool gift ideas to share?

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