Friday, February 12, 2010

Lesson 19- Why Shrink Wrap is my New Favorite!

This post could also be titled "How to Make a Cheap and Cheesy Valentine Present"

I'm posting this before Sunday cause I'm hoping that the Husband won't look--and chances are he won't. But I'm also excited about the way my present turned out and wanted to publish it before Valentime's [sic] in case some of you are still in need of a pressie. And don't feel bad, this is the first year I've actually been on top of things!

For starters, Husband is a HUGE fan of spicy things. And I mean HUGE!!!! He'll put hot sauce on just about anything and everything. So I gathered some yummy spicy things:

*Hot Cheetos
*Hot Cheetos with Lime
*cinnamon gum
*Hot Tamales
*Spicy Nacho Doritos
*Salsa Verde Doritos
*spicy beef jerkey
*Pace's picante sauce
*Louisiana hot sauce
Okay, so it's not a healthy present. But a gigantic box of chocolate is?
And then I threw this in, just cause the Husband really wants it. See, aren't I already becoming such a good wife?!

I placed it all in a basket from the $1 Store with some red filler and shrink wrap around it. This was my first time using shrink wrap. And it is now my favorite! Hence the title of this post. You put it around your basket and tie it shut. And it looks loose and sloppy. Like this:

Then I took my handy-dandy hair dryer and shrunk the shrink wrap so it formed nicely around the goodies in the basket. Then it looked like this:

Much better don't you think?

Now you may be wondering where I'm going with all the spicy stuff for Valentine's day when the tradition is candies and chocolate. Well for starters it's a little more personalized for my Valentine. But to tie everything together and make it more themed for Valentine's Day, I added this tag to it:

Get it?!?! Spicy snacks=I'm hot for you I thought it was clever and I love it!!! Hopefully the Husband will love it as much as I do!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hope you share the day with someone special!

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