Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lesson 23- A Cheap Expensive Art Project

Yes, I know I used antonyms to describe one object. But it was a cheap and expensive art project. Our guest bedroom is what I like to call 'antique travel'. And I promise to someday show you pictures of it, but for the time being maybe you can use your imagination. There's some cool stuff in there, but one wall was still completely blank. The original plan was to hang a large map of the world there, but that never happened and the blank wall was really starting to get to me.

I came across some foreign currency that I've accumulated over the past 20-ish years both from my own travels and other family members' travels. Then I came across some shadow boxes I had bought last year and never got around to their planned project. And then the idea came to me: use the shadow boxes to display the currency. One for the paper bills and one for the coins.

I just used straight pins for the paper bills to keep the damage at a minimum. The coins were glued using a hot glue gun. And the lovely thing about hot glue is it keeps the damage to the coins to a minimum as well.

I think it fills the blank wall quite nicely. What do you do with left over money from your travels?

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