Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lesson 15-Superbowl Invitations

Every year Husband hosts a Superbowl party. He's a big football fanatic. Big. More specifically, a big 49ers fan. This year I get to co-host. Apparently he does a good job--for a bachelor. But this time, I get to have a say in things! The annual guests won't know what hit 'em!!! Here are the tickets that I sent out about a month ago.

I made them in Word since I'm scared of Photoshop. Someday I'll conquer it, but not today. Anyways, they came out looking pretty cool.

And in case you were wondering, the numbers used to the section, row, and seat do have significance.

17- my birthday
22- Husband's birthday
26- our anniversary

I'll have more on our Superbowl excitement later in the week. But I'll leave you with this question: Who are you rooting for this year? Indianapolis Colts and Peyty? Or New Orleans Saints and Brees? Personally I want the Colts to win. Not because I like them or really want them to win, but I'm mad at the Saints for beating the Vikings. I really wanted Brett to go to the Superbowl again. He's so handsome.

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