Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lesson 16- Football Tablecloth

So this is super late. Sorry!!! I really need to get better about this blogging stuff. I'm workin on it, folks. I promise!!!

Anyways, we hosted our first Superbowl party this weekend as a married couple. Or a couple in general since I was in NM last year and The Husband was in AZ. I wanted to have some fun with it. Hence the awesome invitations we sent out! Well the table--that was gonna be full of food--needed to look cool too! I found this idea at www.hostesswiththemostest.com. As a sorority girl in college any party with a theme--sign me up!!!

* 36x72 inch piece of green felt
* white ribbon- 1/2 inch thick (5 pieces, 37 inches long)
* adhesive numbers- white varsity font (five 0's, one 1, one 2, one 3, one 4, one 5)
* hot glue gun & glue

- Lay the green felt out on the table or counter surface where you'll be serving the food
- Spread the ribbon out evenly across the felt
- Glue ribbon to felt with hot glue gun, gluing extra at ends to backside of felt
- Peel off the adhesive from your numbers and stick "10", "20", "30", "40" and "50" near the end of each strip of ribbon to create the yard lines. Iron them according to directions for extra stay-put-ness. (This will create half of a football field; if you want to create an entire field, you can double your amount of yard lines)

He was a good helper. Wish I'd gotten a pic with him actually using the glue gun. It'll probably never happen again.

We accessorized the table with food (duh!), football plates, football napkins, and team specific napkins. It looked pretty. And it was a good game! What did you think about the game? Sad for Peyton? Or happy with for the Saints and celebrating Mardi Gras early?


  1. this is so cute!! i want to do this for the superbowl this weekend but can't find the adhesive numbers anywhere. where did you find yours??

  2. I found mine at Hobby Lobby (but I think I had to go to 2 stores to get enough 0s). They are in the aisle with the fabric paint and other iron-on decals. Hope you're able to find them! And thanks for stopping by!


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