Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lesson 18- Why Being Married is SUPER!

Over the past four and a half-ish months I have been asked the question "How's married life?" more than I can count. If only I got a penny every time they asked me we'd have the house paid off already! That may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea!

And the simple answer is: I LOVE it! And I guess the not-so-simple answer is still, I LOVE it. But do I know why I love it? Here are some ideas I've come up with:

1. I always have someone to snuggle with. My mom raised me as a snuggler. And sorry if you find this weird, but that was one of the best things of living in a sorority house. There was always someone to snuggle with. Which was nice when you're stressed about classes or there's a boy giving you a hard time. But having a husband--is for starters-- a little more socially acceptable to snuggle with. And he has to. It was in our vows. Not really. But in hindsight, it should have been.

2. I always have someone to kiss me goodnight. It's comforting. And I'm fairly certain it makes me sleep better. And again, in hindsight, should have been included in our vows.

3. I have someone to cook for. Since I was about five years old I've always enjoyed cooking and sharing it with people I love and care about. Cooking for myself seems so blah. But cooking for husband is terrific. I'm doing something I enjoy and I'm taking care of my man too.

4. I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. This one was in our vows. Good thing too, cause sometimes I think I annoy him! Hehe!

5. He challenges me. By nature I am a procrastinator and sentimental (i.e. I keep almost everything! I still have movie ticket stubs from high school). And by nature the husband is pretty much the complete opposite. Bills get paid almost straight away and when he says he's gonna do something is has a good record. Not perfect, but close! I don't buy him many cards cause I know they'll be thrown away a day later. I'm learning to let go of more and do more on time.

6. He's fun to be around. And we get to be around each other a heck of a lot more now that we're married. Just being able to hang out and eat dinner and drink wine, or watch "Bones", or go grocery shopping, or clean the house, or going to the movies, or... Well you get the idea. Just doing the mundane, every day things are fun. Cause I'm with him. And it's okay to gag--if you've even made it to this point without gagging.

7. He's the one person I know I'll always have on my team. I've never really felt like it's me against the world, but knowing that my husband will always support me and want whatever is best for me is one of the most comforting feelings in the world.

8. We still learn stuff about each other almost every day. It keeps things exciting and new. And not boring. Which is good, cause sometimes I get bored. I tried to get my dad to diagnose me with ADD, but he won't. Oh well. Hubby keeps things fun and interesting so my ADD shows up less often.

9. I have a tendency to be a little on the up-tight side of things. The Husband tends to be 180* from the up-tight side of things. He makes me chill out, relax, and realize that I need to calm down. Even if I don't always let on that me make me feel those ways. So, shhhhhh, don't tell him. His head is big enough as it is. I often wonder how he gets through doorways, hehe.

And just to be cheeky, I'm not going to post a 10th reason why being married is so super. It would be expected, and sometimes the expected is boring. And a tenth reason may be overkill on the gag-factor. I don't really want to make anyone throw up.

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