Monday, January 10, 2011

Super After Christmas Sale

One of the best times to buy Christmas stuff is after Christmas...duh.  The other day I headed to Hobby Lobby to find some knobs for another project (coming soon).  I decided to take a whirl through the Christmas aisles since everything was 80% off.  And I found the cutest stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the best part was it was 80% off! 

They were originally $6.99 a piece.  With the 80% off I only paid $1.40 per piece.  How most excellent is that?!  Anyways, they had four different designs: a snowman, a Santa, a Christmas tree, and a reindeer.  I would have happily taken two of each design.  But, they only had one bowl in the reindeer design and no matching plate.  So I decided on two of each design for a set of 6 bowls and 6 plates.  
When I got home I learned that I suck at counting.  I came home with 5 bowls and 5 plates.  So the next day after work I drove to Hobby Lobby to buy one more set.  There were none left!  I can't really blame anyone--they were only $1.40 a piece.  I was totally bummed though.  I drove to another Hobby Lobby to see if they had any left...or luck of all luck, the reindeer plate and bowl specifically.  Thankfully they still had the plates and bowls, but only the reindeer bowl--not the plate.  I was ok with that, but now I had another problem.  I had forgotten which design I was missing back at home.  Did I need another Santa, tree, or snowman?  Solution?  Buy one set of each design and return the others when I figured it out.  Done.

On my way home I was talking to my mom and telling her about these dishes.  Okay, it's fair to say I was completely obsessed and talked about them all week.  It's a good thing my mom and Husband love me as much as they do!!!  And let's not tell Husband that I spent two hours driving from work to Hobby Lobby to another Hobby Lobby and back home.  Mom offered to go to her local Hobby Lobby the next morning to see if she could get me the reindeer set.  When I got home I emailed her pictures, so she knew exactly what I was looking for.  The next afternoon she called me to tell me she had success!!  Excellent!

A couple days later I returned the three extras I bought.  The same dishes that I spent two hours getting in the first place.  But we won't worry about that.  I have six sets of bowls and plates and only spent $16.80 for them--gas, mileage, and tax not included.

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