Friday, January 14, 2011

December Photo Challenge

Meredith, over at La Buena Vida shared her December Photo Challenge last month and I really wanted to participate.  I figured it would be a good way for me to practice with my new camera.  And it just sounds kinda fun.  But I kinda didn't get it done in December.  Luckily for me, her link party wasn't too strict on deadlines, and you may notice I didn't get all the shots!  Oh well...

The List: 

1.  Water
2. Angel
3. Architectural Detail
4. Shoes
5. Something yellow
6. Your favorite beverage
7. Something taller than you
8. Bokeh with Christmas lights
 9. Bubble
10. Pickle
11. Heirloom
12. Your refrigerator
13. Chocolate
14. Candid
15. Music
16. Produce
17. Key
18. Board Game
19. Candle
20. Fuzzy
P.S.  Meredith's blog is pretty cool and you should totally check it out!!!

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