Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our January Challenge

I found this challenge to get rid of 111 things in 1/11.  Husband and I are pretty good about not keeping things around the house that we don't need/use.  We probably drop a load of stuff at Goodwill every 4-6 weeks.  But we both loved the idea of this challenge, especially as a way to start fresh for the New Year.  Here is our progress so far (sorry I didn't take many pictures):

  1. Staples beanie
  2. Black & Red hat
  3. Black Staples hat
  4. Navy Staples hat
  5. Old Navy t-shirt
  6. Yellow shirt
  7. Green shirt
  8. Gray stripe shirt
  9. Baylor sweatshirt
  10. AE t-shirt
  11. Yellow polo
  12. Red flower shirt
  13. Black t-shirt
  14. Charlie sheen shirt
  15. Localmotion shirt
  16. Pirate shirt
  17. Blue long sleeve
  18. San Diego shirt
  19. Irish t-shirt
  20. Black long sleeve
  21. Red t-shirt
  22. Pink & red sweater
  23. Pink flower shirt
  24. Black linen pants
  25. Black t-shirt
  26. Jeans
  27. Jeans
  28. Advent calendar
  29. Christmas salt & pepper shakers
  30. Digital photo ornament
  31. Santa hat
  32. Santa hat
  33. Santa sign
  34. 9 x 13 pan
  35. blue sports jacket
  36. SF 49ers jacket
  37. Black gloves
  38. Trivial Pursuit 20th edition
  39. Trivial Pursuit Jr. edition
  40. Valet
  41. Shot glass
  42. Pillow
  43. Pillow
  44. Stuffed bear
  45. Stuffed bear
  46. Gap jeans
  47. Bunny
  48. Neck pillow
  49. Stuffed dog
  50. Egg
  51. Nutcracker bear
  52. Green dino
  53. Stuffed platypus
  54. Elephant
  55. Pound Puppy
  56. Stuffed animal
  57. Stuffed bunny
  58. Stuffed leopard
  59. Stuffed bunny
  60. Stuffed animal
  61. Pound puppy
  62. Stuffed mouse
  63. Pillow
  64. Brown tank top
  65. Whisk
  66. Spiral whisk
  67. Potato masher
  68. Whisk
  69. Photo Bookends
  70. Ear buds
  71. Camera case
  72. Cybershot camera
  73. Laser pointer
  74. AC adapter
  75. Pink pillow case
  76. Pink pillow case
  And funny story about the photo bookends.  Husband and I received those as a wedding gift from some of his parent's friends.  When we opened them there were pictures of the couple and their children.  I've always wondered if they gave them to us knowing that their pictures were in there.  Or if they received them as a gift from someone who put the pictures in there and we were the re-gift recipients.  Either way, I think it's super weird that we got them with their pictures--especially since neither of us know them that well.  Re-gifting can be so dangerous...

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  1. Thanks for linking up! :-) Those photo bookends looked special, especially with the other people's pictures in them! :-) See you next week!


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