Friday, June 4, 2010

Lesson 45- Florals Galore

My mother will be the first person to tell you that I have never enjoyed anything overly floral or lacy. Pretty much from the time I could talk I resisted anything that I deemed too 'girly'. But then I grew up and discovered Cath Kidston! While I was living in England, one of my friends became a huge fan. I thought it was nice...but still not my cup of tea. But over the past two years my style has changed I guess. Cause when I ran across a Cath Kidston store in Notting Hill in London, I was hooked!

The husband was waiting patiently for me out side the store. After about 10 minutes wandering around the store completely overwhelmed, I walked out and said "I need a budget." Without one I was certain I would have spent WAY too much money. With my budget, I was a good girl and only walked out of the store with this:

Have I turned you into a Cath Kidston fan? Are you a fan of florals? Or do you prefer stripes or something less 'girly'? Have you noticed that your styles have changed as you've gotten older?

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