Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lesson 47-What is your definition of clean?

A few weeks ago my 'rents were coming to visit. I had gotten their room ready as well as the hall bathroom that they would use. I was talking to Husband on my lunch break to ensure the house would be presentable when my parents arrived shortly after my return from work. Husband assured me that he had straightened up the house and there was nothing to worry about.

That afternoon I returned home to a sink full of dishes, dog toys all over the living room, kitchen counters full of crud, and bits and bobs all over the carpet.

'This is his idea of clean?!' I thought to myself. What exactly did he do to 'straighten up'? Luckily for me, my parents were running late and I was able to get the living room and kitchen up to my standards for being clean.

But it got me wondering (even on Facebook): why do men and women have different definitions of clean? Why would God do that to us?

Husband isn't as bad as man portrayed in pic--just using it for some comedic hyperbole.

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