Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lesson 29-A New Twist on a Usual Vase

After buying some 50 vases for various uses for our wedding and giving the majority away post-wedding, Husband is naturally a little wary of me purchasing any additional vases. So when I saw these at Wal-mart for $3 each, I knew I would have to make them different than every other glass vase that's passed through our hands in the last 9 months. That's when I remembered the left over twine from a project I did last fall. And with a little bit of double-sided tape (love that stuff!) these little babies were born.

They're pretty lots of double-sided tape around the vase and then just wind the twine around and up.

Pop in some pretty flowers and the normalcy of every glass vase you've ever seen is gone--and the Husband had no room for complaints! Victory!!!

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