Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lesson 11-The Old Stomping Grounds

Last week, being my last week as a full time housewife, I decided to head home for a visit with the 'rents. Where is home you might ask? Or you might not really care. But I'm gonna tell you anyway. Home is Las Cruces, NM. It's an itty bitty town, but I love it none the less...just don't love living there.

My dad's 74th birthday was Tuesday (I was a late in life blessing, in case you were wondering). We celebrated by having lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant and an evening movie to go see 'Invictus'. On a side note I highly recommend this movie. Both Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman did a superb job. Anyways I was super stoked to find three sweaters at Marshall's on clearance. Scored all 3 for $37. Present crisis averted! And Daddy loved 'em--contrary to what the husband predicted. Another sweet victory, haha!

Wednesday I went to visit my preschool students--who I've missed so much since moving. Children totally bless my life! I also got to spend some time with my new puppy. His name is Oliver and he's a chorkie--Yorkie/Chihuahua. He's now 3 weeks old and Husband and I are looking forward to getting him home soon!

I was planning on coming home on Thursday, but still had places to go and people to see. That morning was spent with two sorority sisters, S & C, and meeting C's new bambino, L. Too cute, he is! And surprisingly enough it didn't make my baby-making parts scream at me. I'm enjoying this married life and being Husband's one and only too much to want to share it with a chubby bundle of baby. At least for now anyway!

Friday I climbed back into the car and drove off into the sunset. This was the longest Husband and I have been apart since we got married. It was rough, but I think the time apart was beneficial. You know what they say...Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Sorry this hasn't really been a lesson on anything too cool. But maybe, hopefully, you've enjoyed learning a bit more about this newlywed.

Happy Monday!

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